At this point you are aware that I’m a big fan of lists.  So of course when I was preparing to move from New York to Paris four years ago, the first order of business was to put together a comprehensive “to do” list.  Everyone organizes their personal affairs differently; keep in mind that I transferred to Paris with my law firm, so I happily avoided many of the hassles you would have to face if you were moving 100% on your own.  But I am posting this list for anyone moving to Paris, in the hope that it helps you get started!  Two other friends were moving to Europe at the same time, so I made columns for them to keep track of their progress as well.  (And one little disclaimer: please don’t think that I always color code my lists by the colors in the J.Crew catalogue.  Moving is not fun; you need to add some humor to the process wherever you can!)

Here you go, my MOVING CHECKLIST.  I’ve posted it in Word version so you can revise to suit your own needs.