Stuck for ideas on what to get your friends and family back home as a holiday gift?  Looking for something “Parisian”?

 My 2011 calendars: “European Travels” and “Paris”

The holiday season, and thus the gift-buying season, has officially begun.  You want to find something for your friends and family back home that is French but not cheesy (given that unfortunately real French cheese is not allowed through customs).  Wine can be tricky with the current restrictions on bringing liquids on carry-on.

If you like to take photos of Paris or of your other travels, there are a number of gifts you can create from these photos: personalized calendars, greeting cards, t-shirts, mouse pads and more….  I create gifts via, but you are required to have an account through Smugmug to do so.  The convenience is that your photos are already uploaded to Smugmug, so you cut out the step of uploading them again to another site, risking a loss in quality.  But if you do not have a Smugmug account, here are some sites that allow you to create gifts without paying for an account:

  • DigiLabs: Either download software or create photo books, calendars, cards, etc. online
  • Kodak Gallery: upload photos and create your own photo book, wall calendar, cards, magnets and much more
  • Vista Print: Offers design and printing of business materials and also a number of gift items such as calendars, t-shirts, tote bags and stationery
  • Shutterfly: Offers wall calendars and a number of other gifts
  • Create Photo Calendars: Offers calendars only (hence the name), but with hundreds of backgrounds, formats and custom features to choose from

If you do not have photos of your own, you can purchase items such as framed or matted prints, t-shirts, cards, coasters, mugs and more using one of my photos of Paris or from my travels by visiting my Smugmug account.

For more gift ideas, visit one of My Favorite Stores in Paris!

Or visit a grocery store such as La Grande Epicerie in the 7th arrondissement or any local shop for easy-to-pack/ship items you cannot find outside France!

Do you have ideas to share for unique gifts that scream “Paris” but that will not break the bank? Please share!