St. Patrick’s Day is only five days away, and fortunately for the partiers among you, it falls on a Saturday this year. That means more time to rest up in preparation and more time to recover.

Galway, Ireland

So where in Paris should you head for some good Irish cheer?

Below are some of my favorite Irish pubs in Paris, all of which will have live music on March 17th:

The Coolin
15 rue Clément 75006 (along the north side of the St. Germain market)
Tel: 01 44 07 00 92
Dancing, meals served.

Kitty O’Shea
10 rue des Capucines 75002
Tel: 01 42 96 02 99
Claims to be Paris’s oldest Irish pub still operating. There’s sure to be a lively crowd inside and out.

28 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006
Tel: 01 40 46 97 46
There are also three other locations in Paris. Try the Bastille location for a less cozy but more spacious venue. Meals served.

Galway, Ireland

I took a quick and unscientific poll of my Irish friends in Paris to find out their favorite Irish pub in the city and the winner was:

The Cork and Cavan
70 Quai de Jemmapes
75010 Paris
Tel: 01 42 08 11 15
“On the Canal St.-Martin, it’s small/cosy/friendly with a bit of a bric à brac, thrown together kind of style but yet feels more Irish than most of the typically commercialised ‘Irish bars’ in Paris.”

Galway, Ireland

Pick one location to spend the evening and where you can enjoy the music, or why not design a little pub crawl? Attached is a printable cheat-sheet of Irish bars in the 6th through 18th arrondissements (stumbling north through the 1st, 2nd and 9th) I put together for a previous St. Patrick’s Day. No, I did not make it to all the bars on this list. Not even close….

For a more complete listing of Irish establishments in Paris and elsewhere in France, see