I have a new toy. If you read my recent post for My French Life reviewing Time Traveler Tours new “Beware Madame la Guillotine” iPhone app, you know that I recently got my first iphone! Finally…

I have to admit that I haven’t really started using it for the phone or for e-mail – I still use my blackberry for now. But I am obsessed with one feature on the iphone: the camera, and more specifically, Instagram.

I love my SLR (single-lens reflex – the big, bulky camera) and would never do a real vacation without it. But I could easily see replacing my snap-and-shoot with the camera on the iphone. With Instagram, you don’t edit the photos in the traditional way, but you can pick from among 14 different filters that can make the photo just as interesting (if not more interesting) than what you might do with real photo editing software. And Instagram is also a form of social network, allowing you to share your photos with others and follow their photos sprees.

Below is a sampling of the Instagram photos I have taken in Paris over the last few weeks. Download the app from the itunes app store now and start following me at username: parisweekender !


Have you experimented with Instagram? Do you think the iphone camera can replace a snap-and-shoot or would you still carry the snap-and-shoot around with you?