I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday and got a little break from work! For me, it’s been a time of transition and all the excitement but also the logistical hassles that go along with it. So I was very happy to have a lazy and relaxing holiday: spending Christmas with my family in Massachusetts, exploring some new spots and revisiting some old favorites during a week at my house in Maine, and enjoying two snow storms between Christmas and New Year’s (while cuddled up in front of the fire).

Here are some photos:

Christmas 2012-2Christmas 2012-3
Sunset in Damariscotta and Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Christmas 2012-4Christmas 2012-5
Sunrise in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Christmas 2012-6Christmas 2012
Rockport, Maine and Felicia enjoying the Christmas tree

Christmas 2012 (2)-2
Sunset in Boothbay Harbor

Christmas 2012 (2)-3
Sunset in Damariscotta

Christmas 2012 (2)-4
The view off my float, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Christmas 2012 (2)
Lulu showing off one of her Christmas presents

Christmas 2012 (2)-5
Rockport, Maine

Christmas 2012 (2)-6
Breakfast: freshly fallen snow with maple syrup

Christmas 2012 (2)-7
Sunrise in Boothbay Harbor


Happy New Year to all my Paris Weekender readers!!