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My favorite radio at our house in Brittany — set permanently to RTL2

This week, I had the chance to chat with Vincent Dennery who, along with his team, is trying to bring English-language radio to France. Why? “Simply because it is missing!” says Vincent.

This is a project that Vincent cares deeply about on a personal level. He is an engineer by training and has been working for 25 years with a multinational (American!) company, which gave him the opportunity to travel quite a bit and to learn many aspects of business (Product and Service Development, Finance, Sales, Global Project Management, Logistics). Through his efforts to learn English and compete professionally in an international setting, he always asked himself, “Why is there no English-language radio here?!” Now he and his team want to fill this lack.

There are over 100,000 English-speaking expats in France, millions of tourists, and according to polls, 80% of Parisians want to improve their English. And yet you can listen to the local news and other radio shows in 10+ foreign languages in France, but not in English.

There is clearly a huge market for English radio. But the challenge is how to address the needs of such a wide range of potential listeners. An anglophone tourist in the south of France is not looking for the same radio programs as a Parisian who is just starting to learn English. The programs will need to be quite diverse and appropriately timed to reach their target audiences.

This is why we need your help!

Vincent is leading a team that is looking into launching this web radio. They have put together a survey to try to determine the right time slots — the right days of the week and times of the day — for each type of programming.

What does the future audience want to listen to? How will they listen to web radio? Through the computer? A smartphone? A wifi box? And where — in their cars, at home, at work?

Vincent also recognized the fundamental question: “Is this new web radio needed, and will people listen to it?”

So please take just five minutes this week to take this survey that will help launch this new service! Would you like to see English-language web radio in France?


Thank you all for your help! And thank you, Vincent, for introducing us to this exciting new project!