BrusselsI am visiting friends in Brussels this week and trying to cope with the lack of 3G so as not to rack up roaming charges on my iphone. But thanks to a tip from my friend, my nomadism just got a whole lot easier.

Did you know that there’s an app that not only gives you detailed maps of numerous cities and other regions in the world but it also shows you where on the map you are without the need for roaming? The City Maps 2Go Pro app is the best-spent $2.99 in my recent memory.

You need to download maps (organized by country) while you are still on wifi, but then head out, with data roaming off, and you can zoom in and out on the maps, see your location (indicated by the blue dot) and even link to Wikipedia articles on the local sites–all offline!

For tourists like me who enjoy getting lost but do eventually want to find my way back, it’s a game changer (and certainly a budget saver).

No, I’m not getting commission from the app’s creators for saying this, but if they are reading and would like to work out an arrangement….

What are you favorite travel-related apps?