What exactly is going on at Les Halles? Those of you who live in Paris or who have traveled here recently know that Les Halles, one of the busiest transportation and shopping hubs of central Paris, is now one big construction mess.

Les Halles

But there is a redevelopment or “modernization” plan, with a targeted completion date of 2016. And now, you can check on the progress yourself! They have added a viewing platform by the Pont Neuf/Rue Berger entrance to the metro/RER (perhaps you know it better as the “Darty” entrance). I took these photos just a few weeks ago. I can confirm, they are working on it!

Les Halles-2

So next time you are traveling through Les Halles, take an extra 5 minutes to check out the work in progress. You will get a better sense of the immensity of the project, and hopefully a better appreciation for the years we all have to endure this mess….