Last week I was featured in AngloINFO’s “Meet the AngloINFO Expat of the Week,” and decided to share my interview here as well! I truly enjoyed the interview process: reflecting on my time in France and on questions such as how I went about making friends in my new home, how I dealt with homesickness, and what advice I might have for others who may be moving to Paris…. Thanks to Jackie for organizing the interview!


For those of you who are not already familiar with AngloINFO, it’s a fabulous resources for anglophone expats. You can find AngloINFO sites for just about every region in the world, or if you don’t find your region, you should consider starting the AngloINFO site for your new home! I have been a contributer to the Paris & Ile de France site for several years now.

For more on AngloINFO, be sure to visit as well as their other social media outlets:

And of course the Paris page!

And again, here is the link to my interview.

What would be your number 1 piece of advice for someone moving to Paris?