La Fourchette, or The Fork, is a dining reservations website that allows you to book a table (in English or in French) for a number of eating establishments throughout numerous European cities, including Paris.

Fork sculpture in Vevey, Switzerland (Lake Geneva)

When you book through La Fourchette, you can often find some fantastic deals. You can even search by the level for the promotion (for example, only the most popular Paris restaurants with a 50% off deal).

Be sure to read the fine print–many deals only apply to weekdays or to à la carte menus or to meals where you order two or three courses.

La Fourchette does not allow booking for all of Paris’s restaurants; many still require the old fashioned “pickup the phone” method. So I certainly do not recommend picking your restaurants exclusively through La Fourchette. But it’s a great resource for those times when you just don’t know where to go!

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