My Editorial Policy


All of my recommendations reflect my personal views and opinions, and no one else’s. Because these are my personal views, they are influenced by my personal experiences and you may not agree with them. If this is the case, I encourage you to post a comment or to e-mail me with your views. From time to time I may be critical of certain establishments or people. I do not intend to injure or libel anyone or to do harm in any other way; my only intention is to give readers the most honest recommendations I can.

I do not take responsibility for updating information on the site, although I will do my best to see that information is (still) accurate. But I do make mistakes and I am working alone, so there are limits to how many places I can be at once! So I encourage you to call restaurants and museums and other locations to verify the hours of operations and other practical information before arriving. If you find any inaccuracies on my site, I will be grateful to you if you e-mail to let me know.

I am not responsible for anything anyone else may post on my site in the blog comments or as the content of external links, which I provide solely for your convenience.

I do allow advertising on the site to help pay for the costs associated with the site (and there are costs!), but I promise you that my recommendations and other opinions are never influenced by this advertising.  The advertising is just that–advertising, and not an endorsement by me.