We’ll Always Have Paris, by Jennifer Coburn, is the story of a mother’s fear of dying young and her determination to travel through Europe with her daughter before it’s too late.


The mother-daughter pair make several trips to Europe between the daughter’s eighth birthday and her graduation from high school.

For those of you who have traveled a good bit, I don’t recommend this book as travel literature. I found many of the Paris descriptions to be cliché and one dimensional. However, I was drawn in by Jennifer’s accounts of her childhood and of her relationships back at home, and how these experiences pushed her to make real sacrifices to be able to travel.

Don’t pick up this book because you’re looking to visit Paris from your armchair. But do pick up this book if you’re someone who makes excuses why it’s just not the right time to take a trip, that it’s too expensive, that traveling overseas is too complicated. Jennifer’s story will show you it’s time to move beyond those excuses.