This post is for the short-term visitors to Paris. With just one week in Paris, where should I eat?

You can always look at my Full List of restaurant recommendations or my Crème de La Crème list for just my real favorites if you are only staying in Paris for a short time. But what those do not tell you is how to put together a schedule of where to go when.

There are some factors that will be different for everyone: sometimes you prefer to eat in a restaurant in the same neighborhood you were exploring that day. Some restaurants have terraces and might be more enjoyable on a warm, sunny day. So of course you’ll still have to improvise a bit. Nevertheless, here are two weeks of what I consider to be perfect Paris eating experiences – one for the real fans of French food and a second schedule for those who can only hack French cuisine about half the time.

One last caveat: these schedules were not sanctioned by a nutritionist. For the most part, I tried not to give you two very heavy meals in one day. Most of the restaurants listed offer lighter and heartier options. Still, unless you are walking all day and every day (my preference when traveling!), you will likely have to skip at least one or two of the suggested meals and instead go for something on the lighter or more casual side.

Descriptions of each restaurant mentioned below can be found on my Crème de La Crème list. Except for Cosi, I would recommend reserving all of the restaurants below in advance.

Verjus is the real splurge on these lists (i.e. over €60 for 3 courses, wine & coffee): 4-courses plus wine pairings is €85. I would highly recommend splurging for this. But if you prefer, the wine bar downstairs offers small plates (around €10 each) and makes for an excellent option as well.

Version 1 – I Can’t Get Enough of French Food




Sunday Mariages Frères Picnic (wine, bread, cheese)!
Monday Le Béguin Verjus
Tuesday Bouillon Racine Chez Lina et Mimile*
Wednesday Le Cinq Mars Au Vieux Comptoir
Thursday Cosi (take-out & picnic) Les Truffes Folies
Friday La Cremerie Le Gourmet des Ternes
Saturday A Priori Thé ChantAirelle

*Best when you can sit on the terrace

Version 2 – I Need to Mix it Up a Bit




Sunday Cosi (take-out & picnic)  Restaurant Bibimbap
Monday Liza Verjus
Tuesday Wrap N Roll Sushi Picnic (wine, bread, cheese)!
Wednesday Eggs & Co Au Vieux Comptoir
Thursday La Cremerie Il Sorrentino
Friday Ferdi’s** Le Gourmet des Ternes
Saturday A Priori Thé Anahuacalli

**Does not take reservations for lunch; best to arrive early.

Now, it’s up to you – ENJOY!!


For those who have visited recently or those who live here, which is your favorite restaurant in Paris?