Treasure Hunt at the Louvre!

September 13, 2012

You are tired of the standard museum visits. You would you like to explore the Louvre but you are intimidated by its size, three interconnected buildings and multiple entrances. You just don’t know where to start. You think if you step foot in the building it could swallow you alive.

Treasure hunting

Last month I had the opportunity to join a group of bloggers, entrepreneurs and other contributors to the food & wine world in Paris to explore the Louvre in a new way: as a treasure hunt! What better place to search for hidden gems than at one of the world’s largest and most treasure-filled museums?

We met after work on a Wednesday evening. Were divided into teams of maximum four or five people each, asked to come up with a unique name for our team, given our marching orders and told at what time to be back at the starting point.

Navigating our way through the Louvre

Daisy de Plume, founder of THATLou – Treasure Hunt at the Louvre, is the master organizer. She takes much care in putting together a list of the treasures the teams must find. But it is not just a list. For each masterpiece, Daisy gives a description and often details you will not learn in a typical tour of the Louvre. Armed with our descriptions and our maps, we set off on our sleuthing.

The hunt lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Teams are advised to give each member a role – photographer (how else would we prove that we had found our treasures?), navigator, spotter…. and teams must stay together but not too close to any other team.

Deciphering the map

Of course you will quickly have the police after you if you try to take home a found treasure. But do not worry – there are prizes!

We enjoyed a lovely picnic in the Jardin du Carrousel after the hunt, shared our treasure hunting stories (both in narrative and in limericks) and tallied the points. Daisy gave out the prizes. The top prize the evening I participated was a gift certificate to Alisa Morov’s Sweet Pea Baking catering service. I can never get enough of Alisa’s baking! Sadly, my team (the Smoking Monkeys and The Old Masters) came in dead last but it was still a blast!

Inside the Louvre

If you are looking for a bit of healthy competition, or just a fun evening out, Treasure Hunt at the Louvre is an event not to miss. Perhaps you are charged with organizing a different sort of corporate event or you want to throw a one-of-a-kind birthday party? Here is your answer! You’ll get to know both the Louvre and your team mates that much better. But to experience Daisy’s adventures, you do not have to sign up as a group. She runs treasure hunts open to the general public the first Sunday of each month. There are still spots left to sign up for the next hunt on October 7th! The theme? Fish & Water.

For more information on THATLou – Treasure Hunt at the Louvre and to sign up for your own treasure hunting adventure, contact Daisy at daisydeplume @! And be sure to ready Daisy’s detailed description of our evening at the Louvre.

The Grande Roue, backdrop for our post-hunt picnic


Have you been on one of Daisy’s treasure hunts? Tell us your story!


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