I am finally back in Brittany, after a few long months away.

Brittany June 12-17-2Brittany June 12-17-5

And what do you know, they sent a parade to welcome me back! I took these photos right out of my living room window:

Brittany June 12-17-3Brittany June 12-17

Perhaps the parade was not just for me. It was our town’s local festival: Baden en fête, complete with traditional dancing, bagpipes, and of course cidre and crêpes.

Brittany June 12-17-6Brittany June 12-17-7

A visit to Brittany would of course not be complete without some hiking on the coastal paths. Just the sight of the white and red marks of the grande randonnée made me happy.

Brittany June 12-17-9Brittany June 12-17-8 

I visited some of my usual favorite spots: Île-aux-Moines, Locmariaquer, Larmor Baden, Auray, Carnac’s St. Colomban, Le Bono….

Brittany June 12-17-10Brittany June 12-17-11

And how did I get to Brittany? Driving — with my new French license! Did you read my account of taking the written exam and the driving exam last fall? It required one last trip to the préfecture on Boulevard Ney in the 18th arrondissement, but I finally have my license in hand.

Brittany June 12-17-12Brittany June 12-17-4

Get ready for many more Brittany posts this summer!