New European Bus Service! An Interview with Maxime Morelli of iDBUS

October 09, 2013

Recently, I spoke with Maxime Morelli of iDBUS, to find out more about this bus option for travel between Paris and London. Maxime has also shared this funny yet helpful infographic, which he explains below.

Lost in Translation by iDBUS

Lost In Translation – An infographic created by iDBUS coach travel

Could you tell us a bit about iDBUS?

iDBUS is aimed at travelers who want a safer and more affordable mode of transportation than the car and who wish to travel without compromising comfort.

You emphasize the importance of comfort. How does iDBUS differ from other bus services?

The iDBUS service prioritizes comfort, convenience, value and quality service, offering the following advantages for the consumer:

  • 4 stars buses with 48 seats
  • A wide and comfortable seat quality
  • Air-conditioning vents and individual lights
  • 3 point seatbelt, comparable to those used in cars
  • iDBUSes are all equipped with free Wi-Fi and 220V-100W electricity sockets (don’t forget your power adaptor!)
  • Sheltered and heated waiting areas with shops nearby — in London, Paris, Lille and Lyon
  • Option of choosing your seat upon reservation
  • Opportunity to take a second piece of luggage (£5 for the second piece of luggage)

What is your association with SNCF?

iDBUS is 100% an SNCF subsidiary, directed by Maria Harti.

Which routes do you run to and from London?

You can travel from London to Paris, Lille and Lyon. The iDBUS services connect a lot of European cities. Have a look at our destinations!

Could you give us an idea of the pricing? Are there discounts depending on the number of people in our party or the season, day of the week and/or time of day?

The iDBUS prices are announced in advance and remain the same from the opening of the sales to the date of the departure. Therefore the price is only a factor of the date of travel and not of when the booking is made. iDBUS also offers a ‘Group Deal’ for group bookings, where passengers can purchase 3 tickets and get their 4th ticket free — a perfect deal for families or friends traveling together.

How do I reserve? Can I call? Can I reserve by smartphone or do I need to be on a computer?

You can book your tickets online thanks with your computer or smartphone. Our Customer Service is available to serve you without interruption from 7.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. From UK, please call 0844 369 0 379 (0.05£/minute). You can also visit one of our iDBUS ticket sales partners.

What if I don’t speak French?

iDBUS Captains are experienced drivers who speak English and are in charge of accompanying customers throughout the entire journey, ensuring that passengers are at the center of attention. Information is given in both French and English throughout the journey.

Why did you create this infographic?

It’s pretty difficult to translate common sayings from English to French. As iDBUS coach travel operates between London and France, we wanted to help our clients who could get “Lost in Translation”. So we created this infographic with some funny illustrations that you can remember easily.

What are  your favorite mistranslations from the infographic?

I think the funniest mistranslations come when sayings are completely different between English and French. For example, “to bring your strawberry back” (« ramener sa fraise ») doesn’t make any sense! And you get more surprised when you realize that it means “to stick your nose in something” or “to butt in”. 


Thank you, Maxime, for all of this helpful information!


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