In the 4th arrondissement, in the lower Marais between rue de Rivoli and the Seine, you will find a street called la rue du Pont-Louis-Philippe. This small street is only about 200 meters long, but it offers some of Paris’s finest shopping.

Rue du Pont Louis Philippe

You probably won’t recognize any of the names of the shops on this street. That’s because by city ordinance, chain stores are not allowed here. La rue du PontLouisPhilippe houses only independent artisan shops. You will find an extraordinary variety for such a small stretch: clothes shops, jewelry shops, a chocolatier, and designers of furniture, musical instruments, stationery and other paper art, religious art….

Rue du Pont Louis Philippe-2

So whether you live in Paris and are picking up holiday presents or a birthday gift, or you are just visiting and looking for one-stop shopping with a twist of the unique, this is the place to go. And it’s relatively uncrowded!