A Fest Noz, or night festival, is a traditional festival in Brittany, centered around dancing and music.

Malestroit Fest Noz-4

Just about every very town in Brittany holds its own festival, so especially if you’re visiting the region in the summer, it’s hard to find a single evening when there isn’t one somewhere within an hour’s drive.

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Here is a calendar of upcoming Fest Noz and Fest Deiz (daytime festivals).

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In late August, I happened upon the parade leading up to Malestroit’s Fest Noz. The photos tell the story better than I could!

Malestroit Fest Noz-5

I will say the highlight was seeing the bagpipe troupe from my own town of Baden! Or the binioù troupe, as I learned just today the Breton bagpipes are called–this little tidbit from my landlord, lifelong resident of Baden!

Malestroit Fest Noz

Click here for a short video of the bagpipe concert (warning: do not watch at the office!)

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