I was working recently with my aunt and uncle to put together an itinerary for a “Best of Central Europe” tour. We wanted to avoid larger cities, but get a good variety of architecture, landscapes, cultures and cuisines.

Çesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

This itinerary (the “Best of Central Europe”) combines all my favorite smaller towns and regions of central Europe. I’ve been to all these places, though never in one trip. It’s a lot of driving (but beautiful scenery along the way for the most part); you could easily just take bits and pieces of this or add in extra days. I could easily spend a week if not more in each of these places. You could also start anywhere in the loop; I picked Strasbourg as it’s easy to reach from Paris by train.

Gruyères, Switzerland

Unfortunately, we’re not going to use this itinerary… this year. But I’m posting it because someone should use it!

Best of Central Europe Itinerary