While other tools focus on hotels or restaurants, Touring Bird is all about activities. Touring Bird allows you to view a range of experiences for a specific city, and filter by price, duration, time of day and cancellation policy. It’s a great way of learning about off-the-beaten-track options.

La Mouzaïa, in Paris’s 19th arr.

Here is the direct link to Paris activities. You can view a number of guided tour options (including free/tip only ones!), as well as local tips for how to best experience Paris.

Here’s a self-guided tour of an abandoned railway that I am putting on my to do list!

Touring Bird already aggregates a number of helpful tips and experiences, but it will be great to see an eye on the site as it expands further as it could truly become that one-stop-shop for planning your days in Paris or wherever your next destination may be.