My photo from the Queen’s Route in the Vesterålen Islands has been selected as today’s’s “Photo of the Day”! To see more photos of Norway, see my post from this summer or the Norway gallery of my photo website.

The Queen’s Route (“Dronningruta” in Norwegian) is a spectacular 4- to 5-hour loop hike between the small picturesque fishing village of Stø and Nyksund. It is easily one of the five best day hikes I have ever done. The name was bestowed on this route when Norway’s Queen Sonja made the hike in 1994. Red “T”s mark the 15-kilometer trail up and over the coastal mountains (reaching an elevation of 570 meters) and back along the coastal path.  The mountain trail is rewarding but challenging; you could take the coastal path back and forth if you prefer. Even if you are not inclined to hike at all, you should follow the coastal for a bit: it is only about 10 minutes to the white sand beach with turquoise water of my photo above.

See my full Norway itinerary or the official Visit Norway site for more details on the trail.