This is my 300th post since I started this blog in the Spring of 2011.

Paris Weekender Background

So I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few statistics….

In just short of 3 years:

  • 46,870 different people have visited the site
  • I have uploaded 1,494 unique images to the site
  • Approximately 41% of my visitors are located in the U.S., 30% in France, 8% in the UK, 4% in Canada and 3% in Australia

Which are my post popular blog posts? According to Google Analytics, here in the top 10 line-up:

  1. It’s Sunday! Where Can I Eat in Paris?
  2. 20 Things You Should Know So Parisians Won’t Think You Are Rude and You Won’t Think Parisians Are (Exceedingly) Rude
  3. Barbizon & the Forest of Fontainebleau
  4. Series: Buying Property in Paris—Part 11: The End of the Story!
  5. Moving to Paris: 6 Things You Should Know Before Your Move to Paris
  6. My Favorite Terraces in Paris
  7. The Weekend Getaway Packing List & Tips
  8. 10 Favorite Running Routes in and around Paris
  9. Moving to Paris: 5 Things You Should Know Soon After Your Move to Paris
  10. Cycling to Lac d’Orient

Do you have a favorite Paris Weekender post?

Thanks to everyone who’s been following these last three years, and a big welcome to my newest readers!