In November 2014, I started a long-term project of hiking the coast of Brittany. The trail goes by many names: sentier côtier, sentier or chemin des douaniers, sentier littoral and grande randonnée 34 (“GR34”). I decided to start my hike at the beginning of the GR34, in Vitré, which is actually a few days’ hike from the coast.


I have now done four segments:

  1. From Vitré to Antrain (3 days, November 2014)
  2. From Antrain to the Mont Saint-Michel, then west along the coast to Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo (4 days, June 2015)
  3. Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo to the port of Jospinet, near Planguenoual (2 days, July 2015)
  4. Jospinet to Tréguier (4 days, June 2016)

These 13 days add up to about 375 miles. I estimate that I have about 800 to 900 miles still to go!

To see my latest batch of photos from the coast, click here.