In late May, I went on an excursion I’d be wanting to do for a long time, since the Ria d’Etel and the picturesque island village of Saint-Cado first won me over in May 2012. I took the 1 1/2 hour boat excursion from the town of Etel into the estuary.

The tour starts in Etel, then goes almost to the mouth of the Ria, where it empties into the Atlantic. It then turns around to pass by Saint-Cado and along the shores of Locoal-Mendon, then back to Etel. There are things to see all along the way, though a heads up–the narration is only in French.

For more information on the boat tour (April to September) and to reserve tickets, click here.

For a preview of coming attractions, check out this great YouTube video/photo compilation.